Inclined Lifts

DELTA Series

The DELTA Stairlift platform offers an ideal solution for the interior. With its attractive appearance and comfortable design, this platform lift allows you to go up and down straight stairs. The characteristics of the DELTA platform lift are its narrow construction and quiet operation. According to the most demanding safety and quality standards, DELTA offers an economical possibility to safely and comfortably overcome the obstacle of the ladder.

OMEGA Series

The OMEGA Stairlift Lift provides autonomy and independence for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility when climbing stairs or ramps. Elegant in any environment both indoors and outdoors. OMEGA is synonymous with mobility, quality of life and the illusion of living. Thanks to its compact and reduced construction, the traditional installation can be applied to almost all types of stairs. With the platform reclined, the OMEGA stair lift is the narrowest model on the market.

PETR-64 ​​Series

The PETR-64 ​​series has controls protected against accidental use and can be activated with present operator. Further:

  • Removable wrench
  • Emergency stop
  • Emergency manual maneuver
  • Progressive mechanical shock absorber
  • Speed ​​limiter
  • Automatic containment belts
  • Support grip
  • Safety electric travelbumpers
  • Anti-shock, anti-crush, anti-crush devices

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  • Serie DELTA

    DELTA Series

  • Serie OMEGA

    OMEGA Series

  • Serie PETR-64

    PETR-64 Series